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Cigarette Ashtray

Are you a smoker and like cigarettes or cigars?  Where do you put your ash when you are done smoking your cigarette?  Are you looking for a cigarette ashtray at a good price? Maybe you prefer cigarettes or cigars, whether you are inside your house or outside, every smoker should have his own ashtray! Stop putting your cigarette or cigar ashes in steel cans or in the trash. Discover today our collection of cigarette ashtrays at a very good price and with free shipping for indoor and outdoor too! (price starting at $14.99 and top price at 44.99$)

The top of the range Ashtray Wizard store offers a whole collection of ashtrays for your cigarette or cigars and also offers a whole range of ashtrays for smokers. Also available in our store, outdoor ashtrays (different size depending on the model of ashtray), portable ashtrays, car ashtrays and cigar ashtrays (price varies from one model of ashtray to another)

If you know how to make a round or a square  (joke for the square) with your smoke (no matter the size of the round) don't hesitate to send us a picture! We regularly post the best photos on our site and offer a gift from time to time. That's what being commercial is all about. 

Why an ashtray for your cigarette or cigar?

Smoking a cigarette or cigar is synonymous with a good time. Whether it's the first cigarette of the day, or the evening before you fall asleep looking at the stars, it's always hard to know where to put your ash! So you may be putting your ashes in steel cans, in the trash, or on an old tray that is lying around! Yes, we know that smokers don't always have an ashtray, whether you are inside your home or outside you need a receptacle for your ash. We have the best ashtrays for the occasional or regular smoker.

Our collection of indoor cigarette (or cigar) ashtrays are usually made of black or silver stainless steel, plastic (black or colored), metal (black or colored or silver), wood or glass! We have a collection of ashtrays for every type of smoker. They are not heavy. Also, the capacity of the ashtray is high (300ml) but its price is not high! We are always looking to lower our prices not like the price of a gallon of gas.

We know that as a smoker you love to smoke your cigarette or cigar, it is a precious moment. But have you thought about recycling and ecology? Indeed being a smoker and smoking your cigarette is quite normal, but what do you do with your ashes and your cigarette butts? Do you throw them out? It is true that outside there are not many ashtrays.

Sometimes you can find old cans on a park bench, but that's it! In short, most of the cigarettes you smoke are at home. So you need a suitable ashtray for you, for your recycling and for the style of your house! Let's see, stop with your steel cans all rusty, you are not in a military outpost in the depths of Rwanda, you have the right to have a beautiful ashtray for cigarette or cigar. Choose the model that suits you. and has a lid so that the ashtray can be easily carried. Each ashtray can hold the cigar ash which is bigger than the cigarette or cigar ash, so don't worry, even if you smoke the cigar you can buy one of our ashtray models.

Ashtray Wizard, the top of the range ashtray specialist store, offers free shipping and serves you as on a silver platter the delivery (also free) by a carrier rated 5 stars. 

A cigarette ashtray as a gift! 

Looking for a beautiful and unique gift for your favorite tobacco smoker? If your friend loves cigarettes or cigars, don't hesitate to give him or her an ashtray as a gift (Christmas gift or birthday gift). Each ashtray has a vintage and original effect that makes it a unique gift. Moreover, don't ruin yourself for this gift, our collection of cigarette or cigar ashtrays is available at the best price (price from 14,99$)

Check out our collection of cigarette ashtrays today with the best price in the market and with the best ratings (4.3 stars).  We have several cigarette ashtrays models, so there is bound to be one for your gift! We have ashtrays made of stainless steel in black or silver (more for outdoor use), ashtrays made of metal in black or silver, ashtrays with a vintage effect in different colors for the old tobacco smokers or ashtrays made of glass, wood and finally plastic (black or colors). Prices start at $14.99. Our collection of cigarette ashtrays are the best on the American market and are rated 4.2 stars. 

Don't forget, we offer the best free shipping! 

Perhaps you are looking for other tobacco smoking accessories to complement your gift ashtray. At Ashtray Wizard we only offer ashtrays. It would not be commercial of us (we are not Rubbermaid) not to offer you other tobacco smoking accessories like roller tray for so we recommend the Smokers Store rated 4.1 stars on the Amazon marketplace ( 


A cigarette ashtray for all smokers 

At Ashtray Wizard  top of the range shop we are on a mission to get you to quit smoking. No, that's a joke. But we want you to stop putting your ashes in old metal cans or in the trash or any other type of receptacle for your ashes (also stop with the plastic cans from Rubbermaid). We want to democratize the ashtray to all tobacco smokers whether it is in your home, outside or in the office. 

We know that every tobacco smoker has their own style, from vintage ashtrays to more classic stainless steel ashtrays, there is something for every taste and color.

At Ashtray Wizard shipping is totally free! We know how to be commercial and offer you the best free shipping all year round, faster than shooting stars. 

The Best Receptacle 

The ashtray is the best receptacle for the cigarette or cigar. Discover now our collection of the best rated ashtrays at the best price with always free shipping. We have all possible receptacles such as ash and cigarette or cigare butts receptacles, or waste receptacles (bins)

  • Stainless steel ashtray
  • Vintage ashtray
  • Office cigarette ashtray 
  • Colorful cigarette ashtray 
  • Ashtray with wood (yes, wood)
  • Outdoor and indoor cigarette ashtray 
  • Glass ashtray

Free shipping

Ashtray Shop has free shipping. We have chosen a very professional supplier and recognized for the quality of its raw materials such as glass, wood, stainless steel or metal (black or silver)

Shipping is free from 10$ purchase only

A unique and highly rated model

Each Ashtray Wizard ashtray model is made and designed with quality materials and raw materials such as black plastic, stainless steel, metal (black or silver colors) or with wood and glass. We reflect the highest quality in every model of ashtray. We are committed to the price of our products, so despite the quality of our raw materials, our prices remain the best in the market. The control of the material is done daily (industrial material)

Ashtray Wizard ashtrays have an average rating of 4.3 stars (out of 5 possible stars). They have the highest ratings and are rated regularly by our customers. So you can leave us a starred review. A rating of 4.5 and above would be our goal this year. We care about every review, even the negative ones (between 0 and 3 stars), and none of the reviews end up in the trash!  We consider a review as positive from 4 stars only. Reviews below 4 stars are considered as bad reviews.

Our company is focused on recycling waste and does not like to throw anything in the garbage. Our entire manufacturing and logistics process is focused on recycling, and our raw materials are regularly recycled, like our black plastic. For our colors we try to use a maximum of natural dyes like coal.

In the same way