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Cigar Ashtray

Discover now AshtrayWizard with over 10,000 cigar ashtrays sold and view our full collection of Cigar Ashtrays, the largest selection and the best price in the United States with free shipping and quick delivery with a price defying all competition! We are the Tommy Bahama of cigar ashtrays. Discover the best five stars top rated of cigar ashtray.

Are you a cigar and tobacco lover? You already have the crystal whiskey glasses, the tray, the cutters, the samplers, the humidors, the lighters, the cutters, sampler and all the accessories of the perfect smoker! But did you know that there are also cigar ashtrays in the full collection? Are you looking for the best price and free shipping? 

Or you simply want to accompany your single malt and you don't want to waste time comparing all the ashtrays?

Our shop specializes in a large full collection of cigar ashtray, so join the tobacco club now. We have a total of approximately 150 ashtrays

Why a cigar ashtray?

We will explain in detail why. It is true that we talk more about ashtray when we smoke a cigarette. But did you know that there is an ashtray specially designed for cigars? Do you already know Tommy Bahama? (Tommy Bahama is a well known cigar accessories shop) So don't hesitate any longer, discover our cigar ashtrays shop. Cigars are bigger than cigarettes and make more ashes. The classic cigarette ashtrays are generally small and not adapted to cigars and wax tobacco.  So if you smoke a good cigar you risk getting ash and tobacco everywhere! The best cigars deserve the best ashtrays with over 10,000 cigar ashtrays sold.  Cigar ash should be well received in a special ashtray. 

Our ashtrays are larger than the classic cigarette ashtray and can hold more ash. Moreover, their shape and vintage effect is more suitable and above all more original. The purchase of a cigar ashtray is done with reflection

Join the cigar smoking club today with a special offer on our cigar ashtrays at an unbeatable price. 

You can view our cigar ashtrays shop just above. The delivery is careful (especially for the more fragile ashtrays like glass, ceramic and metal). Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problem with the delivery.

A cigar ashtray as a gift idea

Are you looking for a gift? A birthday gift or a Christmas gift ? You know he likes cigars? Then the cigar ashtray is the perfect gift and one of the indispensable accessories in the cigar lovers club. The vintage and original effect of this ashtray makes it a unique and special gift. We offer unique accessories like Tommy Bahama. Our cigar ashtrays are directly inspired by the Tommy Bahama full collection but at a better price! Purchase now your cigar ashtray. 

Discover now our large full collection of cigar ashtrays at the best price. We offer several models such as wooden, glass, ceramic or crystal ashtray. Our cigar ashtrays are the best and are rated 5 stars on all our customer reviews and ranked in the top recommendations. 

Our ashtrays are the best gift choice. Purchase now a cigar ashtray like gift 


Shipping and delivery is always free! 

If you are looking for other cigar accessories like glass, tray, cutters, samplers, humidors, lighters and all other cigar accessories we will soon be offering new items. Otherwise, discover the Tommy Bahama shop and discover their offers of cigar accessories. Tommy Bahama has over 300 items in total and also offer free shipping.

The best accessory 

If you are a cigar smoker you know that there is a large collection of cigar accessories. There are so many different accessories like humidors, samplers, cutters, visol (a visol is to take your cigar with you in a box like carbon visol or black visol) crystal glasses with a good whiskey. Smoking a good cigar is not just about being an amateur. It requires a large range of accessories all more original than the others. The brand Tommy Bahama knows it very well and proposes a large collection of cigar accessories

But the cigar ashtray is the most emblematic because it is the most complete accessory and especially the most classy. We have therefore chosen to offer a large full collection of cigar ashtrays (the black one is the best selling) for a total of approximately 150 ashtrays

  • View our Ceramic ashtray
  • View our Crystal ashtrays
  • View our Glass ashtray
  • View our Black ashtray (the best choice) 
  • View our Wooden ashtray
  • View our Metal ashtray 

Quick delivery and free shipping!  Delivery is totally free for each order as well as shipping. Shipping is done by a private carrier who cares about the delivery of your products.

We take special care in shipping because our ashtrays can be fragile.

Indeed, some ashtrays are made of glass, ceramic, wood or metal and can be fragile. Therefore, we do everything possible to ensure that the shipping and transportation are careful. However, even though we take great care in shipping, delivery is free (yes free!). We know that you like your products to be shipped free of charge. 

A problem with the shipping of your order? Please contact us. Our shop and our team are available 24/24

Quality of manufacture

Our ashtrays are made with quality materials and carefully selected by our Canadian club. Thus, you will discover materials like glass, ceramic, wood and black metal. Our ashtrays are all rated at least 4 stars (out of 5 possible stars) and our customer reviews are mostly very good. Every review counts, so if you are satisfied with our ashtrays, feel free to post a review (number of stars you want). We will be happy to respond to your review. 

Our partner, the Canadian Cigar Lovers Club, recommends us all over the world and also in Canada. 

Discover the Tommy Bahama shop now in addition to your ashtray. Tommy Bahama offer a large range of cigar accessories. So, discover there samplers, tobacco, lighters, visol, sampler, cards... In short, all the accessories of the cigar club! 

For the pipe lovers, we don't propose yet a pipe ashtray. But it should be soon. 

So Don't waste any more time and buy a cigar ashtray now. 

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