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Car Ashtray

Are you a smoker? You don't know where to put your ash in your car? Do you smoke a lot and in a few min? Are you looking for a portable ashtray for your car? Whether you smoke a cigarette or a good cigar you need a portable ashtray in your car for the ash. Check out our collection of Portable Car Ashtrays today at the best price ($12.99 min price) and with fast shipping!

Our Ashtray Wizard store specializes in ashtrays, especially portable car ashtrays. This is our best sale in all our ashtray lines. We also offer cigar ashtrays, outdoor ashtrays, portable ashtrays and more classic cigarette ashtrays.

Why a portable ashtray for car ?

We, smokers when we drive our car, we like to smoke a good cigarette in a few min ! But cars don't always have an ashtray, or an ashtray that is anchored in the car but difficult to clean the ash and there is no cover or stand. So your car will smell like a cold cigarette and the ash will dirty your auto. Did you know that there is an ashtray specially designed for cars, so you can deposit your ash safely and easily. It is placed directly in your auto and has a lid and a holder so that the ashtray can be held while driving. Put it in the cup holder ! Each car has a cup holder. Or you can t place it anywhere in your car (we recommend the cup holder). So, check out our portable car ashtray store.The ashtray for your car can work for cigarette and cigar. Even if the cigar ash is bigger, your ashtray has a large capacity and can contain up to the equivalent of 15 cigarettes min* (ash and butts) So, whether you are more cigarette or cigar your ashtray for car is made for you.
*the min of 15 cigarettes is calculated based on customer feedback

The main feature of our ashtray is that it has a lid and thus allows to block the smoke and the ash of your cigarette or cigar. Thus, have a car without ash and a smokeless car. Indeed, when you put ash or cigarette butts in a classic ashtray, smoke can escape. Our car ashtrays all have a lid to close the product. Our ashtray fits all cars, even with the smallest cylinder.

Order your car ashtray now at the best price ($12,99 min price). The shipment of your product will be done within 24 hours maximum (12 min) Very quick, right?

A car ashtray with LED technology

Smoking a cigarette or cigar in your auto should be a good time.
So, even if you drive at night, you can still use your ashtray. Indeed, each ashtray has a LED light (the feature of a LED light is its almost infinite life). The LED light piece turns on automatically when you open the ashtray and illuminates it. In this way, the light provided by the LED will help you use your ashtray at night. Smoking in your car is easy with the LED light technology of our ashtrays. The light produced is white , yellow or blue depending on the model of ashtray you choose from our products range.

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The best piece of car accessories

If you smoke cigarettes or cigars know that this is the best product for your car and at the best price ($12.99 min price).Have a smokeless car, this is our promise. We have a complete collection of car ashtrays with lid and ash holder. We do not offer any other car accessories. If you are looking for other accessories like a tray for your car we recommend another website (13$min)
The car tray is a good accessory to complement the ashtray. The feature of the car tray is that it hangs on the steering wheel

The car ashtray is one of the most complete and best accessories!

  • Stainless steel car ashtray
  • Portable car ashtray
  • Blue car ashtray
  • Glass car ashtray
  • Led light ashtray (led light is the best choice)
  • Cylinder shape ashtray
  • Custom ashtray with your logo (not available)

Shipping and delivery policy: free

Our shipping policy is simple: free shipping. Order your ashtray and get free shipping too. Each product is shipped by the best shipping company. This is our shipping policy. Better delivery and at the best price ($12.99 min price)! That's all.

Some ashtrays are made of glass or stainless steel. So our company takes great care in your shipping and in each product.

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3 in 1 Ashtray

No cigarette or cigar? No problem, our car ashtray can be used in different ways. For example, you can use it as a car trash can.
Indeed, our ashtray can be used as a garbage can for your car waste.
The capacity is 300 ML for most ashtrays. So, deposit your waste and have a portable trash can for car.

That's why the ashtray is the best accessory for your car. You can also use it as a cup for your drinks. Be careful, please clean it well beforehand. This is not its basic function, but you can use it as a cup, be creative!

The last feature of your ashtray is that it allows you to have a smokeless and clean car! Indeed the ashtray has a cover and does not let smoke and ash escape. A smokeless car for a better visibility at the wheel. Indeed the smoke (or ash) to accumulate on your windshield and thus disturb your vision. Don't forget, a smokeless car for a better visibility. Also light up your car to deposit your ash more easily with the Led light function. the led light function is not available in all ashtrays.

Soon, we will offer ashtrays with your logo. So you can have an ashtray with a logo like a picture or a first name. The logo ashtrays will be available in the next few months.

Manufacturing feature

Each ashtray is made of high quality materials such as plastic, stainless steel, glass and LED. Our car ashtrays have an average rating of 4 stars (out of 5 stars) and the customer reviews are very positive. So if you leave a review, no matter how many stars you leave, we will be happy to respond to you. Our goal is to have an average rating of 4.5 stars, so don't hesitate to tell us what you would like to improve in your order. Every review counts, even the negative ones (between 0 and 3 stars). Indeed, our quality standard is very strict and we consider a review as negative below 4 stars.

We have the best supplier and have very good quality pieces and material. Our supplier is located in China We just have only one supplier. China produces high quality parts and material very quickly. We have the same supplier for all pieces of our ashtrays (white Led light, yellow led light, blue led light, plastic, lid, glass, stainless steel, tray)

You can order your car ashtray with no min quantity ! If you have a business, we can be your supplier with no min quantity.

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