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What are the different types of ashtrays?

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What are the different types of ashtrays?

After having presented to you in another article what an ashtray was, it seemed fundamental to us to specify and detail from now on the various categories of ashtray, as well as the good questions to be asked to choose its ashtray.

1- Different types of ashtrays

There are many ashtrays. There is of course the "classic" ashtray for cigarettes but also more specific ashtrays like the pipe or cigar ashtray. These two ranges of ashtrays are the subject of two articles that you can find on our blog.


The other important distinction that can be made is the outdoor ashtray versus the indoor ashtray. The difference here is fundamental, in fact depending on the use of your ashtray, the choice will not be the same.

a) Outdoor Ashtrays

Here this ashtray has vocation to be only in outside. Who says outside, says bad weather, sun, wind ... So this type of ashtray has more chance to be damaged than the indoor ashtrays. Therefore, the key word to choose an outdoor ashtray is its resistance (no more fragile materials like crystal or glass) to guarantee the longevity of your ashtray. It is better to choose solid materials such as resin, concrete, steel, wood or metal. For outdoor ashtrays, you can opt for a free-standing ashtray that can be easily moved. We also recommend an ashtray with a good interior capacity.

b) Outdoor Ashtrays

Here you have the opportunity to treat yourself and have a wider choice. Unlike outdoor ashtrays, you can opt for ashtrays with beautiful materials such as crystal, glass. However, these materials are still fragile, so we still advise you to take special care (especially if you have children or pets). On the other hand, as an everyday object the indoor ashtray can be an integral part of your interior decoration. You can therefore indulge yourself with colored ashtrays, ornamental ashtrays. You can also prefer raw materials such as concrete or wood.

c) Another range of ashtrays, a little more apart "the portable ashtrays / pocket ashtrays"

They are very famous lately and, are especially necessary to mitigate pollution and avoid at most that our streets are littered with cigarette butts. This type of ashtray can be carried during your various displacements (beach, travels...). It is thus necessary to pay attention that it is light and of a small format in order to be practical to carry.

2- Questions to ask yourself when choosing an ashtray

The first question you need to ask yourself is where you want to put your ashtray. Do you want an outdoor or indoor ashtray? If you want an outdoor ashtray, we will prefer resistant materials to guarantee the durability of your product. You are a regular smoker or you often receive guests who smoke a lot? It is better to choose an ashtray with a good capacity of internal capacity.

On the other hand, if you want an indoor ashtray, you will have a wider choice of ashtrays available to you. You can choose all possible materials and ask yourself about your style. Are you more classic? You can choose a sober and discreet ashtray. On the other hand, if you are more extravagant, you can choose an ashtray that will match your personality by opting for a very colorful or particularly original ashtray. In the same way you can decide that your ashtray will become the touch that will break the code of a room for example.

So depending on your tastes and your interior design you have a very wide choice in front of you. For example, if you like the contemporary style, you can opt for an ashtray on foot that gives a very graphic touch to a room.

To help you choose an ashtray, Ashtray Wizard has a wide range of products that should allow you to find what you are looking for and/or make someone happy. Don't hesitate to take a look, we promise you won't be disappointed!


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