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How to light a cigarette without a lighter ?

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How to light a cigarette without a lighter ?


A lighter that suddenly lets us go, it has happened to all of us. An irrepressible urge to smoke here and now.

For this kind of inconvenience we try to find solutions that will allow you to be able to light your cigarette without necessarily having a lighter.
Please remember that home accidents are very common in the United States and these tips should be applied with caution. You want to light your cigarette, not set your house on fire.
Now that you're warned and ready, here are our tips!

1- Matches

It may sound simple and obvious, but we tend to forget that matches do a good job of lighting a cigarette, too.

You may not remember exactly where you put them, but chances are you have matches in your household. All you have to do is get your hands on it or read the rest of these tips if you don't have one.

2- Blowtorches

This solution should of course be taken with caution as it can be very dangerous for you to light a cigarette with this type of instrument.

When handling the torch with the cigarette, be careful not to burn it completely because in addition to not having a lighter you could ruin your cigarettes. Be sure to bring the heat source only at the end of the cigarette.

You can set a piece of newspaper or paper on fire if that helps, but consider extinguishing the leaf directly in water, preferably.

What if the most suitable solution was a good old lighter?

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3- The fire of the cooktops


If you're lucky enough to own a gas hob, lighting your cigarette will be easy.

Light the hob and put your cigarette near the flames and TADA! Your cigarette will be lit. Easy and not too dangerous.

Remember of course to turn off the gas so as not to explode your house.

4- The toaster

It is a last resort solution.

The toaster emits a fairly significant heat source and it will therefore be possible to light your cigarette with it.

Turn on your toaster (remember it should be empty, no toast in it) and let your cigarette rest on the toaster elements. This is what causes the heat source, which lights your cigarette and, incidentally, toasts your toast in the morning.

Do not leave the cigarette too long on the resistance because there is a risk of it catching fire and it would be silly to have to call the fire department for that.

What if the most suitable solution was a good old lighter?

lighter collection

5- A battery

It's a way of lighting your cigarette that is used a lot in prisons. If you don't have lighters, there are batteries.

You will need some material :

  • 1 battery
  • A piece of aluminum
  • Cotton

Cut a strip of aluminum and cut there so that you have two thick ends on each side and the middle of the strip is much thinner.

To have more flames, surround the middle with a small piece of cotton.

Place the two large pieces of aluminum on either side of the stack and wait a few moments.

The medium with the cotton will catch fire and you can light your cigarette.

You now know how to make fire with a battery.

6- A halogen lamp

The halogen bulb is a bulb that heats up enormously.

This technique depends on the heat your bulb causes, it is not always guaranteed but it can work in some cases.

Place your cigarette on the hot bulb (the light will need to be on for a while) and wait

If that doesn't work, you have plenty of other solutions mentioned in this article!

We can conclude that a lighter is not necessarily essential but it still saves the day because all these techniques may not work every time or put you in danger.
And we have the perfect one for you. Burning Gui is a new generation lighter that you can stick to your phone. It will follow you in all your adventures.

What if the most suitable solution was a good old lighter?

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Be careful and responsible!



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