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Concrete Ashtray - DIY

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Concrete Ashtray - DIY

In the series of Do It Yourself ashtrays here is a new article featuring handmade ashtrays! We propose you in this article a new ashtray to realize yourself, I named the superb concrete ashtray!

After reading our article, you will be able to realize your most beautiful masterpieces with concrete!

The rest of the article will detail the necessary materials, the recommendations and advantages of using concrete, the steps one by one to make your own ashtray and the advantages of Do It Yourself!

1- Material

To make this ashtray, you will need a little bit of material, you will need a ceramic bowl/container that will serve as a mold to pour your concrete, water, fine particle cement for DIY, a plastic container, a spoon, a foam ball (to create an insert in your ashtray) big scotch tape and finally acrylic paint as well as a brush to decorate your ashtray.


2- Various recommendations and advantages of the concrete ashtray

Why create a concrete ashtray? It is a material with many advantages. Indeed, concrete is easy to use and very economical. You can make many objects (ashtrays or interior decoration objects) with concrete. Very fashionable, it gives a rough side which can give a certain style to a room. In addition concrete is extremely resistant. Your objects will have a durability to any test! Indeed concrete is a material that resists to bad weather, to strong heat, to cold, to rain... What an advantage! So your concrete ashtray can be used as an indoor ashtray but also as an outdoor ashtray because of its resistance.

Thanks to the steps that will follow in the next paragraph, you will be able to create many creations in concrete because of the advantages of the material and the simplicity of manufacturing! In addition, one last advantage of concrete is that it dries quickly, in just a few hours. On the other hand, the resistance of your object will increase over the days! So, unlike for example ashtrays that are made with resin (see article on the subject "DIY resin ashtray"), these will take much longer because of the long drying time between layers. Here is another advantage for people in a hurry, the concrete will only need one coat and will dry much faster. So you can use it faster!

3- Steps for the creation of a concrete ashtray

First, sit down in a quiet and comfortable place, take out the necessary materials to start creating your ashtray. In a plastic container, mix your concrete. Gradually add water to the powdered mixture in your plastic bowl and mix it with a spoon until you get a good consistency. Before adding the concrete to your ceramic container, brush a layer of vegetable oil on the inside of your container to prevent the concrete from sticking to the mold as it dries and to allow you to unmold your ashtray. Do this step with the foam ball to prevent it from getting stuck in the concrete, apply oil to it with your brush.
Now pour your mixture into your ceramic container, even out the height of the concrete in your mold with your spoon and remove any air bubbles. Gently insert your oiled foam ball into the container without pushing it all the way in. The goal here is to obtain an insert to deposit your butts while keeping the bottom of your ashtray.

To hold your foam ball in the center of your ashtray you can use heavy duty tape to prevent it from moving during the drying process. Put the whole thing aside to allow it to dry. Once dry, you can retrieve your ashtray by flipping the frame over and removing the foam ball from the center of your object. Thanks to the application of vegetable oil the recovery of your ashtray will be easier.
You can now proceed to decorate your ashtray by painting it. This step is optional, you can leave the object raw which gives a very authentic side and gives a certain charm to your object. If you want to paint your ashtray we recommend the use of acrylic paint if you want to use it as an indoor ashtray. If you intend to use it mainly for outdoor use, choose an outdoor paint that will resist much better to bad weather.

Admire your finished work, and, good news, you can immediately light up a cigarette as a reward for your hard work!

4- Avantages of Do It Yourself

Lovers of beautiful things (proof of this is if you look at our products), we also focus on handmade and creativity. Many articles are proposed on the blog in order to help you create your own ashtrays or customize existing ones. So if you are interested in DIY, we invite you to consult our articles related to DIY! You will be able to create your own ashtray using for example clay, resin or with diverted everyday objects. In addition to being a great fun activity, it is much more environmentally friendly to make your own ashtrays. In addition, any activity allows the development of many qualities, and at Ashtray Wizard, we want to give you confidence and the opportunity to work on your creativity!

With a little bit of equipment and a few explanations, DIY is accessible to everyone! You don't need to be a skilled sculptor or have a lot of equipment to create your own everyday objects. You get a beautiful, original and unique ashtray at low cost and made with your own hands, and believe us there is nothing more satisfying than to feel the sensation of a job well done once finished. Don't be a little proud of that, and dare to try it yourself! We hope that you will think of us as much as we think of you when we deliver these few lines, once your creation is finished!

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