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Clay Ashtray Do It Yourself !

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Clay Ashtray Do It Yourself !

At Ashtray Wizard handmade is very popular! If you want to bring out your creative side, discover a new passion or simply enjoy a cigarette, we propose in this article a new ashtray to make yourself!
After reading our article, you will be able to realize your most beautiful masterpieces in clay!

The rest of the article will detail the necessary materials, our recommendations on the type of clay to use, the steps one by one to make your ashtray as well as the advantages of Do It Yourself!


To make this ashtray, you will only need a few materials, you will need clay, a knife or cutter, a rolling pin, a little bit of water and a small container that you can use as a mold.
If you want to customize your ashtray, you will need a small brush or stick, sandpaper, special ceramic paint or varnish to waterproof your work. Sprinkle a little bit of love on it as a final touch!

2- Various recommendations and types of clay

Before you become the best sculptor/modeler of your generation, we have some recommendations to help you choose the best clay to make your ashtray. Rather than choosing a traditional clay, we chose self-hardening clay.

The latter has many advantages over conventional clay. It is a natural clay that comes in the form of a block that is easy to model, requiring no firing unlike conventional clay whose firing time can be significant and requires the use of a ceramic oven. Self-hardening clay, as its name indicates, will harden by drying in the open air at room temperature. The drying time will depend on the thickness of your creations (from 24 to 72 hours). For optimal drying, make sure you don't put it in a place that is either too wet or too dry.

Very easy to find, the purchase price is affordable and especially there are various colors. If you want to decorate your creations, we advise you to buy it white so that you can paint it as you wish. However, be careful with its conservation, since it hardens in the open air, be sure to close your clay and store it in an airtight box so that you can reuse it if you don't use the whole block of clay!


3- Steps needed to make your ashtray

First, sit down in a quiet and comfortable place, take out the necessary material to start the creation of your ashtray and cut a piece of clay more or less important (depending on the desired size of your ashtray, 80 to 100 grams corresponds to a small model). Form a ball of clay, place it on a wooden work surface (or on another flat and smooth surface to avoid irregularities on your dough). Roll out the dough with a rolling pin so that it is neither too thin nor too thick. If your clay is too dry, add a little water to make it easier to work with.

Next, move on to modeling your ashtray, you can do this by hand or you can use a container as a model by placing your clay on top of it to get the shape.
As the clay is still malleable, you can correct any defects/irregularities by smoothing the clay by hand or start decorating your ashtray with a stick by adding drawings, grooves etc. Now comes the stage of drying in the open air, this will vary depending on the thickness of your object (count 2 / 3 days of drying by security).

Once your work is dry you will now go through the step of demolding if you have positioned your product on a container as a model. Take a round-tipped knife and gently slide it between the dough and the model to gently unmold your ashtray. If you notice any irregularities, you can lightly and gently sand the product or move on to the next step to keep the authentic and handmade look. (you are right, this is the charm of handmade!)

Now comes the last step, the one we like the most, which is painting the model. For this step, the only advice we can give you is to choose a ceramic paint for the outfit and above all to enjoy yourself, let your inspiration carry you! Once painted, add one or more layers of varnish. The varnish will keep the shine of the painting! After drying, admire your finished work, and why not use your new ashtray by lighting a cigarette as a reward for your work?

4-Avantages of Do It Yourself

In love with beautiful things (proof is if we observe our products) we also make the beautiful part in the handmade and the creativity. By offering you these special DIY articles, our goal is not to make you work (or just a little but shhhh it's a secret...) but to give you confidence in yourself as well as the opportunity to develop your creativity, that's our main motivation!

With a little bit of material and some explanations, DIY is accessible to everyone! You don't need to be an experienced sculptor or have a lot of equipment to create your own everyday objects. You get a beautiful, original and unique ashtray at low cost and made with your own hands, and believe us there is nothing more satisfying than to feel the sensation of a job well done once finished. Don't be a little proud of that, and dare to try it yourself! We hope that you will think of us as much as we think of you when we deliver these few lines, once your creation is finished!

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