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Ashtray ideas to do by yourself ! DIY

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Ashtray ideas to do by yourself ! DIY

At Ashtray Wizard the handmade is very popular! Wanting to bring out your creative side, to discover a new passion or simply to allow you to enjoy a cigarette, blissful of admiration in front of your realization, we propose you in this article several ideas to create your own new ashtrays
After reading our article, you will be able to realize your most beautiful masterpieces!

In this article we will detail the advantages of making your own ashtrays, give you many ideas to customize and create your own ashtrays as well as various tips on how to make them and what supplies you may need.

1- Enhance your skills by creating

We love beautiful things (as you can see from our products) and we also give a lot of importance to handmade and creativity. With a few explanations and the right materials you can make wonderful ashtrays. At Ashtray Wizard, we are committed to handmade products! In addition to the fun side, any creation allows you to develop your own talents by working the creativity and imagination of everyone. And what a great quality to develop one's own sensitivity! By proposing this special DIY article, our goal is to give you confidence in yourself as well as the opportunity to develop your creativity, that's our main motivation!

Having in heart to untie the received ideas, the creation is accessible to all. Thanks to the following ideas you will be able to customize and create ashtrays simply, without ruining yourself and without spending an inordinate amount of time on them! Whether you are a beginner or a DIY enthusiast, dare to take the plunge and develop your own talent and skill!

In addition to being a fun activity, the Do It Yourself is also more ecological. Indeed, some of the ideas mentioned in this article imply to recover and divert some materials. Our current society can be summarized in a simple way: we are pushed to buy and then throw away when we don't use the object anymore. Yet some objects can be reused and/or diverted! (we think it's better than throwing away, don't you?) You won't even need to make additional purchases to make some ashtrays but simply to restrict your throwing away! Trust us and let's go for the recovery and the DIY!

2- Customizing your new ashtray

For beginners or those who don't dare to start making yet, this paragraph is for you! Customization is one of the steps of DIY to start smoothly in the DIY. You can very well customize old ashtrays or various objects in order to create the ashtray that you like by painting it for example or by adding details with a special glue for example. For customization, the choice of supplies is important depending on the material of the chosen object. There are indeed different paints more or less adapted.

For example, for a pottery you should choose an acrylic or vinyl paint that will allow the material to breathe. Acrylic paint is also recommended if you want to paint a resin ashtray. On the other hand, for a clay or glass ashtray, we advise you to choose a ceramic paint or a stained glass paint for the glass. Whatever the material and paint chosen, it is necessary to apply a varnish in several layers once your ashtray is painted. Indeed, the application of a varnish will preserve the shine of the paint and guarantee a better durability of it in time. If you want to add decorations on your ashtray, the same advice applies, some glues will be more adapted than others depending on the material. Apart from choosing the right products, the last piece of advice we can give you (and not the least) is to have fun by decorating your ashtray as you wish!

3-  Our "Do It Yourself" ideas

In this paragraph we are going to present you some ideas of ashtrays that you can make yourself! This list is obviously not exhaustive, trust yourself, make yourself happy and let's go!

First, we are going to present you some ideas for making ashtrays which are the subject of a specific item. The procedure for creating these ashtrays, the supplies and various tips will not be detailed in this article, you will find for these ashtrays some specific articles on our blog.

a) Ashtrays featured in blog post

First, a very simple ashtray to make is the pack ashtray! This ashtray requires very little material and involves a simple folding process, the procedure for which is outlined in the article "How to make an ashtray with a pack of cigarette". Another ashtray that is very easy to make and requires very little material is the can ashtray! If you are interested we recommend you to read the article "How to make an ashtray with a can".

You can also make your ashtray with other materials such as clay, resin, concrete or make your own ashtray mold. The advantage of making your own mold is that you can make multiple ashtrays. All of the above ideas are also each the subject of a specific article. They are also accessible whatever your level but will require more materials and a little more time when making. If you are interested, we recommend you to read the following articles, "DIY clay ashtray", "DIY concrete ashtray", "DIY resin ashtray", "Outdoor resin ashtray" or the article "Build your own ashtray mold".

b) A playful idea: the Salt Dough Ashtray

Here is the playful ashtray! For this realization that we found particularly interesting, all the steps will be specified here. To make this ashtray you will need a rolling pin, salt dough that you will make yourself and a knife. For the salt dough you will need wheat flour, salt, and cold water. Pour about 2 glasses of flour into a bowl, add a good amount of fine salt and mix it all together. Then add water and knead until you have a malleable dough (not too dry or too sticky). Knead it and roll it until it is soft enough, then make the shape you want (you can use a container as a model). You can add food coloring to the dough to make it look prettier and more colorful. You can let the dough air dry or put it in the oven at very low temperature for 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the thickness of your ashtray. And there you have it, your Salt Dough Ashtray! This very playful activity as well as the material allow you to make this ashtray (or any other object) with children for example who are often fond of manual activities to share with your family!

c) Object recovery ashtrays

In this paragraph, we are going to give you some special object recovery ideas to make your own ashtray. You can make an ashtray with a milk/juice carton for example. Here we can make the parallel with our article about the construction of an ashtray with a cigarette pack, again a simple folding of your milk/juice carton will allow you to make a "spare" ashtray. Be careful though, don't take just any brick and make sure there is some kind of aluminum foil on the bottom to prevent the material from burning! Another special idea is to build an ashtray with an aluminum can as well. After cleaning it you can customize it by painting it or something and get your own ashtray!
Or if you want an outdoor ashtray, you can take a flower pot that you don't use and make your own by adding sand to the bottom of the ashtray. The sand will make it easier to extinguish your butts and will make the object heavier and less sensitive to wind gusts if you want to make your outdoor ashtray and thus ensure a greater durability of your ashtray.
That's how this article ends, we hope to have convinced you and especially to have allowed you to find a good idea to realize your future ashtray! And remember, trust yourself and have fun!

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