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What are the different types of ashtrays?

After having presented to you in another article what an ashtray was, it seemed fundamental to us to specify and detail from now on the...

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Ashtray ? What is it ?

What is an ashtray? This question may seem very simple to you. If we have to define the ashtray today, it is a small everyday...

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Why your ashtray smells bad ?

Whether you are an occasional or daily smoker, your ashtray can quickly give off a bad smell of cold tobacco.This is a very common problem...

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How to build an ashtray mold ?

Following our special Do It Yourself articles that you have read passionately, little by little the idea of creating your own ashtrays seduces you more...

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Where can you buy an Ashtray ?

The ashtray is a small everyday object that can be found in many homes. Whether you are a smoker or a thoughtful host to your...

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Personalize your own ashtray !

At Ashtray Wizard, handmade is very popular! Wanting to bring out your creative side, to discover a new passion or simply to allow you to...

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